Pianist, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Acclaimed performer, piano teacher, curator & CEO

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Connection as Raison D'etre

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm a powerhouse performer, teacher, connector, and entrepreneur. I’ve played as featured piano soloist with the Seattle Symphony and Seattle Philharmonic, and I’ll be back on the big stage with the Olympia Symphony performing Rhapsody in Blue in February 2020.

My passion in life is to help people connect more deeply.

I am committed to constantly asking the question: “How can I best be of service to my community? How can my music and my work help people connect more deeply to each other, and to their unique talents, artistry, and joy?”

My answer is through three primary modalities: performing as an engaging and innovative musician (classically, and beyond!), teaching piano lessons, and working as event curator and business consultant.

I’m also the CEO of Connections Concert Series, an exciting multi-genre concert series in Portland dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, collaboration, and community. Join me at a show during our inaugural season, June 2019-June 2020!


“My deepest fulfillment comes from connecting people more deeply to themselves, their work, their communities, and their purpose.”


Sophie Lippert as Piano Teacher

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm a devoted, enthusiastic, caring, cheerful, and conscientious piano teacher, for both adults and kids.

I firmly believe in the ability of music lessons to enhance the development of children (and "grown up children," too!) in all areas of life. While learning how to play the piano and read music, my students also learn how to employ skills of critical listening, active engagement, recovery from setbacks, focus and persistence, and respect for themselves, others, and the creative process. It is an honor to equip my students with these invaluable tools for navigating the world!

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Sophie Lippert as Classical Pianist

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm a professional classical pianist. I've played voraciously as a soloist and chamber musician alike, and have been praised for her sensitivity, dynamism, expressiveness, and evocative musical maturity. 

I received my degree in Classical Piano Performance under the tutelage of the inimitable Jon Kimura Parker at Rice University. The highlights of my performance career were performances of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the Seattle Philharmonic and Seattle Symphony, and I’ve established a successful career as orchestral soloist, innovative collaborative musician, and classical piano soloist. Now, I'm passionate about creating multi-genre concerts that incorporate conversations and group exploration. 

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Sophie Lippert as Entrepreneur and Curator

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm an entrepreneur who’s owned a successful Sole Proprietor LLC in Portland, Oregon since 2012, and I’ve hosted and facilitated hundreds of events, classes, workshops, and concerts. 

I grew up surrounded by small businesses, with two multi-million dollar family-owned companies in my close lineage. I've stood at the helm of my own business in Portland, and have been a sought-after source for consulting, strategic business mapping, writing, and editing. I’ve also made myself known as a highly skilled event manager and curator, and an inspiring facilitator with a loyal following and impressive success rate.

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