(Social) media & other shenanigans


Sophie's movement of choice

Ecstatic dance, yoga, hiking in Forest Park, strength training.

Sophie's Food of choice

Sushi, bento, and izakaya fare. Thai and Korean tie for second.

Sophie's music of choice

Classical: Gershwin and Chopin. Other: blues, soul, folk, dance.


Who am I, Really?

I know we're talking business. But every type of business is built on relationships - because, at the end of the day, we're all people connecting with people.

So please, poke around here, and get a better idea of who I am. If I seem like the type of gal you'd like to get to know, may this serve as extra incentive for you to reach out - I'm happy to chat and see how I can serve and support you.


The Generosity Chronicles: A Blog of Many Stripes

The Generosity Chronicles was born in December 2016, when I decided to take an unconventional approach to Christmas presents: each day, I chose a person in my life who I admired, and wrote an essay sharing their amazingness with the world. Since then, the site has shape-shifted to become part conventional blog, part travel journal, part love letters to friends and entrepreneurs and small local businesses. If any of this intrigues you (and, in particular, if you're curious about an insider's view of Myanmar, South Africa, Botswana, the Seychelles Islands, Sri Lanka, or Hong Kong - just a few of the places I've visited since the blog began), take a looksie!

Get to know me visually.

For better or for worse, I'm an open book across many social media domains. I'd love to link up. Here's a sneak peek at my Instagram feed; I'd also love for you to connect with me on Facebook.

Wait, wacky vids on YouTube?

Yes, 'tis true: I've got a whole lot of rando content on my YouTube page. This is one forum where I'm particularly unpolished and uncensored; there are rough videos of late-night escapades at the piano, and a series of 100 videos in a row that I made when recovering from foot surgery. Curiosity piqued? Happy watching! The videos below are a few noteworthy highlights.

Sophie Lippert and Joe Kye give a heartfelt rendition of the Beatles' "Let It Be." Encore at live studio concert, August 26 2018, at B-side Studios in Portland, OR.
Violinist-looper/composer Joe Kye and pianist/cellist Sophie Lippert recorded live at B-Side Studios in Portland, OR, 8/2018. Enjoy this peek at their magical co-creation.
A beautiful reflection of Sophie Lippert put together by Adrianne Dowd and Sonja Olson