What joy to support your business endeavors.

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm an entrepreneur who's owned a successful Sole Proprietor LLC in Portland, Oregon for the past six years. 

I grew up surrounded by small businesses, with three multi-million dollar family-owned companies in my close lineage. I've stood at the helm of my own business in Portland, and have since been a sought-after source for consulting, strategic business mapping, and copywriting and editing. My sweet spot is working with visionary solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, who see where they want to go but have trouble actualizing.

I have a brain that's a strategy machine. I love to break down gargantuan ideas into manageable tasks, and transform big-picture goals into a series of small tasks. I keep my eyes on the prize, and an uncanny ability to annihilate distraction and procrastination. Our work together will be intentional, focused, efficient, and inspired.

When you hire me as your consultant and strategist, my tasks may include: 

  • Listening and assimilating, asking important questions, and reflecting back your goals and priorities to help ensure they're truly in alignment for you,
  • Writing up clear and comprehensive notes for your records, in addition to providing an audio file of our work together,
  • Assembling and organizing information from our sessions: relevant tips, resources, and links,
  • Serving as an "accountability buddy" with specific goals or benchmarks we set together,
  • Providing an Implementation Map for you and your business, based on the timeline we've determined, and working with the tools YOU provide in order to ensure this is truly effective for your business.

I am also available to help with follow-up work that falls under the category of Organization/Implementation:

  • Copywriting and editing,
  • Supporting with the hiring of new employees or contractors,
  • Setting an infrastructure in place for your business,
  • Providing assistance with organization and client relationships.

What sets me apart from many other coaches or consultants?

I am truly interested in creating a program that works for you, rather than trying to bend your business into a particular pre-ordained model that I'm convinced its "The Path To Success." Most of the business books I read (or self-help books, for that matter!) are books that the author wished they had read. They write a book for their own brain, for their own unique needs. But unless our brain is identical to the brain of the book's author, the strategy that's proposed is not necessarily going to create a framework that works for us!

Therefore, your Implementation Map will be a map that reflects your unique gifts, talents, and needs. It will be personalized and customized. And it will be written in your language, directly to you. You may want a page out of an old-fashioned atlas, nostalgic and well-worn. You may want a page scratched lovingly in a friend's handwriting, complete with silly landmarks and inside jokes. You may want a newfangled GPS that gently coaxes you where you want to go by purring out directions in a soft British accent. If I'm doing my job right, I'll listen to you well enough to understand which method works best for you, and I'll be able to set you up with a system that will be a representation of YOU and your distinct set of sensibilities and talents. We'll check in with the neural pathways you've already created, the brain grooves that are working for you, and come up with something together that will be solidly aligned and based in abundance.

The bottom line: it brings me immense joy to utilize my unique skills in actualization and implementation to help people, like you, with a surplus of visions but a deficit of execution. I'd love to help you and your business thrive.


The Bottom Line

Gallery Hopper / August 1 - November 30, 2016 / £30 per person

For the art lovers out there, we’ll set up a custom 1-day itinerary—complete with transportation—that lets you to visit up to five galleries of your choice.

Pub Crawl / June 1 - September 30, 2016 / £50 per person

Imbibe in some of East London’s best craft beers and innovative cocktails. Our à la Carte pub crawl gives you one free shot and one free drink plus discounts at up to five pubs.

Suite Steal / July 1 - October 31, 2016 / £240 per night

Want to be decadent for a few days? Book a suite for a minimum of three nights to get this 20% discount. Valid only Sunday to Thursday. Blackout dates apply. Call ahead for more information.


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